Miss Clutter Bug - De-cluttering service


Miss Clutter Bug - De-Cluttering Service

Decluttering service for selling/moving

Decluttering ... most of us are quite good at it but the only problem is we never have time to do it. "I know I put it somewhere!" is a sentence you won't have to use again.

Miss Clutterbug's service is simple -

1.  We begin with a site visit to discuss your needs. (Our first consultation is free)
2.  Outline a strategy for the room or rooms in order to achieve what you need.
3.  Schedule start and completion dates.

Moving? Sorting and packing for relocation

Miss Clutter Bug is happy to help with your packing and moving needs. If you require packing materials or a moving company we can offer a number of options.To ease the stress of packing we will make sure all your items are put into an inventory system to ensure if you need an item you can quickly tell you which box the item is in.

Special clean for selling presentation

First impressions count, so make sure your house looks its best when you are ready to sell. Miss Clutter Bug offers a special 'spring clean' that will ensure your house sparkles. This includes dusting and wiping down all surfaces, window sills, windows and mirrors throughout the house, making each room gleam, including bathroom/s and kitchen. All carpeted areas will be vacuumed and hard floors hygenically mopped. If required, at extra cost, we can clean your oven and also clean carpet areas using a Rug Doctor.

Weekly and fortnightly cleaning

Keep your house spic and span with a weekly or fortnighly clean. For a minimum of 2 hours up to whatever time the client wants, Miss Clutter Bug will keep your house looking spotless. Discuss with Miss Clutter Bug, in detail, everything that you want achieved in the allocated time and keep your house sparkling clean.

Final clean once moved out

Having your house clean for the new owners to move in is a very stressful task on top of the move itself, so let Miss Clutter Bug come once all your furniture and belongings have been removed and carry out the final clean prior to the new owners moving in.

This service is also for landlords, as tenants may not leave a rental property in a clean state for new tenants to move in, so Miss Clutter Bug will ensure that your rental property is spic and span for the new occupiers.


Sorting property for deceased estates

Miss Clutter Bug can offer much needed help in anxious times. We can organise packing items, selling and totally cleaning up the property, including rubbish removal. We can discuss your needs and provide you with a quote to carry out this work and try to make this difficult time less stressful.

Cataloguing/Photography/Digital records

Miss Clutter Bug will provide you with a alphabetical file in hard or digital copy of important documents so if they are ever misplaced, you have a back-up - this is so important for wills, deeds, certificates, passports, visas, personal letters etc. A photographic record of all jewellery and other valuable items is also very advisable, particularly for insurance purposes.

Monthly household planning

Most of us lead very busy lives and it is easy to become forgetful, so Miss Clutter Bug can create a detailed month by month plan for you to ensure everything important is noted, including itineraries for overseas travel, due dates for payments/renewals, anniversaries and birthdays - this will ensure that you never forget an important date again.